Your Bitcoin Questions Answered – Epi-44 — 4 Comments

  1. im excited about the episode, I have some bitcoin on a ledger nano, I just bought a model T my next thing is to transfer most of the nano to the T, never coped and moved funds yet, also some bitcoin on swan , the big deal is to move some now.wish me luck..Tom

  2. What was the app you used to track steps and spin to get sats? I think you said you had an affiliate link(?)

  3. Hey Jack, in light of the Ledger debacle where they admitted to having folks seed phrases/keys…is there a way to be assured that other harware wallet makers (like Trezor or Bitbox) doesnt have a list of our seed phrases/keys?

  4. After having owned Bitcoin for several years and a Trezor Model One that I never activated, I’m now up and running due to the encouragement of the Survival Podcast and Bitcoin Breakout, have Exodus on my phone and Mac, and have even made my first purchase (the CryptoCloaks jig for stamping a hard seed set). I’m having great success with Coinbase but Swan is telling me that withdrawals from my account are currently disabled although it also says I have some available for withdrawal. Is it just a timing issue and I have to wait after supplying my wallet address? I couldn’t find anything in the Swan help pages or via a web search for this. Anyone have any ideas? I couldn’t find a Contact Us link for Swan. Thanks! (Sorry if this was not the proper place to post this question.)