UPDATE FOR NOV 2022 – Everything below about the Fold Card is true, it is is that good a deal.  But right now it is even better.  From now though the end of November, if you get the app and apply for the card you get 20,000 sats when you sign up.  So go grab those free sats.

Bluntly if you don’t get the Fold Card, you hate money.

Also if you sign up with my link you will get 20,000 free sats when you do.  There are two options, paid and free.  The paid option (Called Plus) is 100 USD a year or 10 dollars a month and doubles your rewards.  You earn cash back on all purchases with it and get some exclusive member’s only ways to game the system.  It will work for any expense that would accept a prepaid Visa card.

You can also buy gift cards for services like Amazon and get even more sats back on those.  The Amazon gift card is one hell of a way to game the system.  Fold Plus members can buy up to 500 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards a month and earn 5% back on them instantly.  If you buy a lot from Amazon and go over that monthly limit you can still earn 2% back on additional gift cards.

In time you start thinking, what can’t I earn sats back on?  In the end if the bill you pay will take a Visa card, you can pay for it with Fold.  Just paying my web server bill with the Fold Card puts enough bitcoin in my wallet to more that cover the fee for the Plus option twice over.

We pay for everything with Fold, our health insurance, our groceries, etc.  If they take Visa we pay with Fold.  It is also a DEBIT card, not a credit card.  I generally just fund it from PayPal with my PayPal debit or ACH from my bank.  Honestly this is such a good deal it seems like it can’t be real but it is.

Give it a try and they even give you the plus option for the first 30 days free so you can see if it works for you.  Then it if the math works out you can upgrade to plus permanently.  Again if you don’t use Fold, you hate money!  In this case you hate money in the form of Bitcoin.  So don’t do that, get the Fold Card now and get 20000 free sats when you do!

Here is a Video of My Interview with Jeremy Hall of Fold where we do a Deep Dive on Gaming the Fold System

Or you can listen to the Audio Only Version Here.

* Note – I do earn a small (very small) commission if you join Fold though my links.  I believe in full disclosure on things like this.  Also note Fold is just one of many great Bitcoin Tools I recommend, you can find all my recommendations on my Bitcoin Tools Page.